I will start off by saying I had a great time with my boyfriend at disneyland! There was good weather, which was great. I honestly recommend going during Spring because the sun does not bother you. I went during the summer two years ago and it was HORRIBLE! Never again. It was extremely hot and you just don’t enjoy the park at all.

I will leave the outfit details here in case you guys want to check them out. The jacket was super comfortable and seems perfect for this kind of weather that is not too hot or too cold. The mickey top was comfortable as well! My sister was actually the one that convinced me to buy this lol I never really wear shirts with pictures, but this was that one occasion 🙂

For shoes I wore my comfortable nike’s and I was okay for most of the day. My feet were only really hurting from all the walking when we were already walking back to the car.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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Best Translucent Powder

Coty Airspun in Translucent

I will start off by saying that I have tried many translucent powders and everywhere you look it always comes down to the these two. The Coty Airspun is really great if you are on a budget and need a translucent powder that is good. It has a slight pink tone to it and will lighten your foundation a bit. I have a olive skin tone and would use it all over the face since I have oily skin, but did notice a slight change in color. It does help keep you matte all day. If your skin does have pink undertones this would be great for you. It looks very smooth on the skin and does control the creasing under the eyes.

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

I will start off by saying that I did hesitate to buy this for a while because of the price. However, I found that every other powder would change the color or my foundation and I would not be happy. I finally went for it and it was the best decision because it does not change the color of my foundation at all. It has a yellow tint compared to the Coty Airspun and has a smoother texture. It looks flawless all over the face and under the eye.

I Apply it with a beauty blender and I then continue to press into my skin. I never go in with a brush to dust it off unless i applied an excessive amount. Great for baking too. All in all, I would say buy the Laura Mercier if you have the extra cash because it is better in my opinion. I hope this helps! 🙂


Cute Top & Favorite Boots!

Outfit Details

TOP: Forever 21 Forever21top | JEANS: Forever 21 Forever2jeans Forever21jeans | BOOTS: h&mboots  

Hi! So, I wore this outfit on the weekend and it was completely comfortable! I knew I would be walking around a lot since it was a shopping day with my sister. We went to Glendale and had a great time and was not bothered by my boots at all! I was hesitant at first because they do have a heel, but they were totally fine. I walked about 2-3 miles and they felt comfortable because they have platform.

Also, the first picture of this post is at the candy store Sugarfina, which is so cute!! I had passed through there before, but did not go in until this weekend. The candy is super good and has super cute packaging too. They also have gift sets for birthdays (my sister wants one). Oh! and I am glad I got the cute background too haha.

Sunday consisted of doing work around my home and heading to Hollywood with my boyfriend. It was SuperBowl sunday, but I do not get too excited about it to be honest! Anyway, I hope you like the top and let me know if you get it!